The unique taste

of real good Belgian chocolate

Craft chocolaterie Baplu offers real Belgian chocolate made to original recipes handed down from father to son over four generations.

Today, chocolate craftsman Stéphane Deconninck is passionate about maintaining this tradition of simple, smooth chocolate made from carefully chosen ingredients and 100% pure cocoa butter.

Chocolaterie Baplu is admired by those in the trade for its chocolate figures and novelties, which delight children and adults alike during celebrations and events, and also for its chocolate fondues, which are both sumptuous and fun.

Chocolate FIGURES

Chocolate FONDUES

Chocolaterie Baplu – savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation

A small family business founded after the Second World War by Maurice Baplu and his father, Chocolaterie Baplu soon specialised in the production of chocolate figures. In 1989, Maurice Baplu passed on the torch to the Deconninck family, father and son, who undertook to carry on the tradition.

Located in Brussels, Chocolaterie Baplu is a business on a human scale, working hand in hand with other professionals, such as bakery wholesalers, hotels and companies, and keeping them supplied with its much sought after figures and its delicious chocolate fondues.

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